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Artists vote for capital; capitalists vote for art?

It has been interesting times living here in Scotland over the last months, as a referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country was held on 18th September 2014 (see e.g. The referendum dominated news media within Scotland … Continue reading

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Social Stratification Research Seminar 2013

To my mind, one of the nicer features of work in higher education is the opportunity to participate in collaborative seminars and conferences which, at their best, provide convivial social meetings, generate feedback that help improve our own analyses, and … Continue reading

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Seven new social classes?

  It’s not uncommon for sociologists to publish new social class schemes, and this week a particularly interesting contribution has been made by the research team led by Mike Savage and Fiona Devine who have analysed survey data collected through … Continue reading

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Could greater freedom increase social distance?

I’ve just attended a seminar at my university on the theme of open access to research outputs( ), before arriving back to my office to find the BSA network magazine ( Spring 2013 front cover headlining a story on ‘Open … Continue reading

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